"Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
My pile of books is a mile high.
How I love them! How I need them!
I'll have a long beard by the time I read them."
- Arnold Lobel


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Keep cozy this fall with a good book!

28 July 2009

The book was just as engaging and suspenseful as Genevieve had hoped. She had the first chapter read in a matter of minutes and was well on her way through the second when her mother walked in the room.
"Gen, what are you doing? We have to get these books out on the shelves by tomorrow morning!"
Her mother did not sound the least bit happy with the situation.
Genevieve sat up immediately.
"Mom, I'm sorry. I just...uh...needed a little break. I'll get back to work."
Her mom gave her a reassuring smile and hugged her.
"Thank you, sweetheart. I'm sorry for getting so upset. Just feeling a little overwhelmed myself."
Genevieve smiled back at her mom, feeling relieved that her mother wasn't really upset with her.
"Just take your time, honey. I know it'll all get done," her mother said, flashing Genevieve another apologetic look.
Genevieve got back to work, anxious to finish and get back to the book again.

23 July 2009

As she recorded each book on the inventory spreadsheet in front of her, Genevieve was oddly aware of her surroundings. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, much like having a muscle ache and constantly being aware of it. She was beginning to tire of looking anxiously around the room in regular intervals.
Maybe I should take a little break, she thought.
So she grabbed a copy of the new novel, sat back in a corner, and began to read.

21 July 2009

Once again, Genevieve felt an odd sensation prickling through the air. This time it felt less like a breeze and more like something...intangible, indescribable.
Like a ghost is in the room, she thought.
Genevieve stood up and surveyed the storage room.
"H-h-hello? Is somebody there?" she asked, shivering.
Nothing happened.
Okay, this is crazy!!! My imagination is working overtime.
Genevieve shook her head, laughed, and sat back down.

20 July 2009

The Lamplight on the Corner was the title.
Genevieve sat down and flipped eagerly through the new, crisp pages, as if this was the first time she had ever opened a book. She inhaled the scent of a newly- published book and smiled to herself. She couldn't wait to get started reading!
Ugh, she thought to herself as she glanced up, I still have to catalogue and unpack these boxes.
But that was alright, because she had plenty of time afterward to read.

05 February 2009

As she tore open the first box, Genevieve felt an unusual sensation ripple through her hair and across her face, almost like a window had been left open and an unexpected breeze had blown through.
"Dad? Mom?" she inquired, looking around the windowless storage room. Nothing or no one was around.
That was weird. Oh well.
Genevieve enthusiastically reached into the box, as she realized the book she was about to hold in her hand was one she had been anticipating for a whole year.

26 January 2009

Quietly, Genevieve surveyed the piles of boxes just waiting to be opened.
"Gen, can you cover afternoon story hour for me? I've got to get these books accounted for and on the shelves!"
Genevieve's mother gave her a smile.
"That's okay, Mom, I'll get the books taken care of."
"Thanks, Gen," her mother said, hurrying off to prepare for the children's story hour.
Genevieve reached for the scissors, and began opening the first box.
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