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01 September 2010

Book Review #16 :: My Mother is So Smart!

My Mother Is So Smart

My Mother is So Smart!
by Tomie dePaola
Published by  G.P. Putnam's Sons, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group
Copyright 2010

"I knew from the time I was really little that my mother was smart.  She always knew when to change my diaper.  She always knew I was hungry before I cried."

Publisher's Summary:  Moms are pretty awesome.  They know just what to do to make a kid happy and the world a better place.  They are so smart! Tomie dePaola's heartfelt ode to the fabulousness of moms is a perfect book for the whole family to share.

Mary Elizabeth's Musings:  How can anyone go wrong with a book by the simply marvelous Tomie dePaola??? This lovely book is no exception to Mr. dePaola's gift to the world of literature.  Written from the absolutely unadulterated perspective of a little boy, this book reveals the many ways that mothers are able to know every last need of her child.  Mr. dePaola's simple, yet always effective prose gives us a glimpse into the genius of his wonderful mother. 

A message of warning to all mothers:  Grab a tissue before reading this book ... you will cry!!!

I recommend this book for ages 3-8 years.

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