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14 July 2010

Book Review #14 :: Our Farm : By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary ::

Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary
Our Farm:  By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary
Poems by Maya Gottfried
Paintings by Robert Rahway Zakanitch
Published by Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of Random House Children's Books
Copyright 2010

"Thank You by Hilda, a sheep

Thank you to the wind that cools
Thank you to the moonbeams that shine
Thank you to the field of wheat
and to the soft grass below
Thank you to the sunflowers that sway
Thank you to the sky above
Thank you to the kind hearts and hands
that brought me to my home"

Publisher's Summary:  Welcome to our farm! J.D. the piglet, Diego the duck, Mayfly the rooster, Whitaker the calf, and their friends are all eager to meet you and to tell you their stories.  So let's go! Let's head to the barn....

A Special Note from the Author:  Founded in 1986, Farm Sanctuary provides shelter for neglected and abused farm animals.  Whether a pig from a small farm that has been denied proper nutrition, a sheep that has been left for dead in a stockyard, or a chick that has been discarded by a factory farm, Farm Sanctuary speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.  ... Farm Sanctuary has threefold intentions:  rescue, education, and advocacy.  In the decades since its inception, Farm Sanctuary has saved thousands of animals and educated millions of people.

Mary Elizabeth's Musings:  If the sweet, innocent eyes of the adorable lamb on the cover of this book refuse to tug at every corner of your heart, Ms. Gottfried's poetry surely will! Written in the voices of various farm animals who are real-life residents of Farm Sanctuary, a true life shelter for abused farm animals, this book of poems is certain to touch your soul and water your eyes.  Ms. Gottfried's delicate, poetic voice combines beautifully with Mr. Zakanitch's watercolor paintings and pencil-and-ink drawings.  Ms. Gottfried's volunteer work at the New York Farm Sanctuary shines through her dazzling, yet quiet verses that are written on behalf of these amazing creatures.  This book is a touching treasure for all living beings, written to bring a voice to these animals who cannot speak for themselves.

This book is recommended for ages 6-10 years.

** To find out more about this peaceful sanctuary for farm animals, please visit the Farm Sanctuary Website.  **

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** Note:  I will not be running the Mystery Friend Friday Feature this week. **

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Sarah N. said...

I think my daughters would love this book! I couldn't find a link to an email address to send you an email, but please try again to leave a comment with links at the I Can Read carnival.

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