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24 June 2010

Literacy Tip #9 .: Developmental Milestones of Early Literacy / Part One of Five :.


Today's literacy tip is part one of a five-part series on children's early interaction with books, designed to optimize your reading time with your little, little one(s).  It is adapted from research provided by Reach Out and Read, an excellent resource for early literacy intervention.

If your child is 6 - 12 months of age, here are instrumental motor and cognitive skills he or she is capable of demonstrating from a literacy perspective:
  • reaches for book(s)
  • puts book(s) to mouth
  • sits in your lap, holding head and neck steady
  • turns pages with your help
  • looks at pictures in book(s)
  • vocalizes reactions to pictures
  • shows a strong preference for real-life pictures of faces, rather than cartoons
Here is what you can do to maximize reading time with your 6 - 12 month old child:
  • cuddle / hold your child comfortably on your lap
  • allow your baby to lead the reading session by following his or her cues to turn pages or to stop reading
  • point to and give names to objects and people in pictures
Board books are an excellent choice for meeting infants' literacy needs!

Here are just a few of my suggestions:

Cookie's WeekThe Going-To-Bed BookRuby's Rainy Day (Max and Ruby)Big Red Barn

Happy reading with your baby!

Coming next Thursday :: Tips for reading time with your 12 - 18 month-old child ::

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1 comment:

The1stdaughter said...

This was the beginning of our struggle with our sweet Turkeybird. He could do so many things on the list, but after speaking two or three words decided speaking wasn't for him. Now we have Littlebug and she was a chatterer from the beginning. It's interesting to see how they each progress differently, but still important to have these makers to have a point of reference. Without them I wouldn't have gotten the help for my son when I did and I fear he would still be struggling with speech even now.

Great post and wonderful book selections!

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